Frontiers of Green Building, Materials and Civil Engineering

Volumes 71-78

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yu Zhang, Qing Lin Meng

Abstract: A hot-humid climatic wind tunnel using wind tunnel technology was developed to simulate the true outdoor dynamic climatic parameters,...

Authors: Jian Jun Liu, Tong Sheng Xin

Abstract: The paper analyses the renewal and adaptation modes of modern architectural heritages. The detailed rehabilitation techniques have been...

Authors: Ya Dong Chen, Xu Dong Wang, Yue Xin She, Jiang Dong Cai

Abstract: ABAQUS is used to study the load-settlement characteristic and soil displacement field of the pile raft foundation. Numerical results are...

Authors: Lin Na Zhou, Shi Jian Zhu, Jing Jun Lou

Abstract: The chaotic dynamics system is so complex that the traditional methods of nonlinear numerical approximation can’t intuitively reflect the...

Authors: Jian Liu, Xiang Yun Huang, Guang En Zhou, Hong Yan Zhang, Zeng Lin Xing

Abstract: The new calculation method of fundamental natural period of vibration for multistory and high-rise steel structure, in which semirigidity of...

Authors: Xiao Xiong Zha, Kai Zhang

Abstract: Recycled concrete aggregates have large porosity, large water absorption and high crush index. Mechanical properties of recycled concrete...

Authors: Lih Jier Young, Pau Lo Hsu, Syh Shiuh Yeh, Yu Fang Cheng

Abstract: Circular ring is the most popular specimen in industry. The location of a crack in a circular ring can strongly affect the sequence of...

Authors: He Ran Yu, Xiao Bo Wang, Jing He Wang

Abstract: Based on the background of Xi-Jiang cross-river shield tunneling construction of gas pipeline network project in Guangdong province, this...

Authors: Yu Kuang Zhao, Lei Wei, Chi Chau Lien, Wen Pei Sung

Abstract: The global warming effect causes climate change. Especially, it directly affects the weather pattern of Taiwan. The temperature continually...

Authors: Qian Fei Shi, Xiu Xiu Yu

Abstract: Although some achievements have made in the rural reconstruction, some actual problems and misunderstandings are still existed. The villages...


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