Frontiers of Green Building, Materials and Civil Engineering

Volumes 71-78

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Mao Heng Sun, Wei Jiang, Chen Hao Hu, Tian Tian Feng

Abstract: This study breaks through traditional displacement and inclination monitoring methods in excavation engineering, and proposes for the first...

Authors: Zhen Qian Liu, Shun Wang, Yi Xin Zhang

Abstract: The calibration of structured light vision sensor is the key technique in structured light 3D vision measurement. In this paper, a novel...

Authors: Jian Xiang Guo, Jin Fei Sun, Jia Wen Qiang

Abstract: With the analysis of the cause and solutions of hydraulic maladjustment in the variable flow rate HVAC systems, two control mode of the...

Authors: Guo Qing Yu, Zi Li Wang, Zhi Zong Tian, Bao Sen Zhang

Abstract: This paper presents detailed technique and steps of data mining in sluice safety monitoring according to the monitoring data’s features. The...

Authors: Juan Hu, Li Tu, Quan Feng Yan

Abstract: Coalition formation of the Multi-Agent System is a key issue, mainly focuses on how Multi-Agent System dynamically generate optimal...

Authors: Jing Li

Abstract: Interlanguage is an important issue in the field of second language acquisition for the past forty years. This study classifies the errors...

Authors: Jin Wei Tu

Abstract: The paper analyzes the development status of colleges, the actual problems the graduates meet in the course employment, and the design goals...

Authors: Ling Rong Fu

Abstract: The paper shows the status of college physical education personnel training in the view of the training objectives, curriculum, faculty and...

Authors: Qi Ying Shi

Abstract: The management successful depends on the efficient decision. Moreover, the decision correctness is decided by the information quality in a...

Authors: Lin Luo

Abstract: The college education has developed unceasing and the number of collegian is step up with more extrude contradiction of student employment....


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