Frontiers of Green Building, Materials and Civil Engineering

Volumes 71-78

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Nong Xia, Yun Dong Miao, Tie Qiang Tan, Xin Tong

Abstract: Based on the analysis of character of load-transfer of super-long pile, for the purpose of pile settlement control, critical pile length for...

Authors: Huan Zhang

Abstract: As a new energy-saving and environmental protection building material, dry-mixed mortar has been promoting actively in China. The key...

Authors: Shuang Dong, Qing Hua He

Abstract: Since the eighties of last century, the single individual project is gradually taken place by programs. The program management challenges...

Authors: Shao Qin Zhang, Hua Hu Cheng

Abstract: Statically indeterminate frame, composed of beams and columns, is a widely used structure form in civil engineering. The frame carrying...

Authors: Bo Ya Zhao, Song Yang, Zhe Zhang, Ri Sheng Sun

Abstract: In this paper an optimal maintenance policy for a Reactor Protection System (RPS) for a nuclear plant was developed. RPS consists of...

Authors: Le Zhou, Hong Tao Liu

Abstract: For the further study of bearing compressive capacity of GFRP tube filled with SHC(steel-reinforced high-strength concrete)columns subjected...

Authors: Wei Zhang, Rong Wu

Abstract: In this paper, optimal scheduling on logistics task and logistics resources for the port logistics alliance operations is discussed, the...

Authors: Ping Hua Huang, Jian Sheng Chen

Abstract: Based on the theory of Fisher discriminant analysis, this paper aims to develop the Fisher discriminant function model by using the...

Authors: Wen Jun Pan, Xian Guo Ye

Abstract: Study was carried out on the disadvantages of QR method while calculating structures and programming currently. According to its basic idea,...

Authors: Xiao Hu Lv, Yong Xin Liu, Yu Liu, Hai Yan Huang

Abstract: The nonlinear Ball-beam system combine with a CCD camera is studied in this paper. The images which include Ball-beam system and a ruler are...


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