Advances in Civil Engineering, ICCET 2011

Volumes 90-93

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yuan Ping Li, Wei Zhang

Abstract: The fractional dynamics equation of a viscoelastic two-member truss system, in which fractional derivative model introduced to simulate the...

Authors: Xue Min Li, Er Yu Zhu, Yong Zheng Zhou, Yue Hong Qin

Abstract: In the process of steam curing to high-speed railway’s simply-supported box girder, there are some problems must be faced such as the...

Authors: Xue Min Li, Er Yu Zhu, Yong Zheng Zhou, Yue Hong Qin

Abstract: Due to the usage of high-strength concrete, excessive hydration heat is generated in the whole span box girder of high-speed railway. The...

Authors: Jie Jun Wang, Ke Ke Yang, Can Bin Yin

Abstract: Longtan River Bridge, which the length of the main span is 200m and the height of the main pier is 178m, is a long span continuous rigid...

Authors: Feng Wang

Abstract: Taking Wuhan Erqi Yangtze River Bridge as an example, based on link element, shell element, and beam element, a double beam nonlinear finite...

Authors: Yu Ping Liu, Shu Cai Li, Feng Zhang

Abstract: The several familiar ice-structure interaction models were established according to collision dynamics theory. The numerical simulations of...

Authors: Da Sheng Luo, Chao Xiao, Ke Neng Zhang, Xing Guang Chen

Abstract: Soil condition is a major impact factor on the strength of cemented soil. In order to study the relationship between the soil conditions and...

Authors: Fa Xiong Li, Jian Guo Nie, Jing Quan Zhang, Wan Heng Li

Abstract: Steel-concrete composite plates are formed using steel plates connected to a concrete slabs by means of welded stud shear connectors. The...

Authors: Shan Shan Xia, Wen Cheng Jin, Wen Huang, Hong Yin Yang

Abstract: Because of good mechanical properties of the fiber composites, the fiber bundles without the resin curing process and with the features of...

Authors: Li Zhu, Tian Xing Cheng, Er Yu Zhu, Xiao Yin Lv, Yong Zheng Zhou

Abstract: nchor is the key component for force transmission of prestressed structure. It is difficult for the current sealing technology of anchor to...


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