Advances in Civil Engineering, ICCET 2011

Volumes 90-93

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qi Wu Huang, Cang Qin Jia, Bo Ru Xia, Gui He Wang

Abstract: By exploring the nature of the analogy between optimum trusses and optimum layouts of discontinuities, a novel numerical analysis method for...

Authors: Yun Hua Guo, Wei Shen Zhu, Da Jun Yu, Xin Ping Li

Abstract: A hydropower station is located in the middle reach of the Dadu River in southwest China. The natural slope angles at the project site are...

Authors: Chuan Xiao Liu, Long Wang, Zhi Hao Liu, Xiu Li Zhang

Abstract: A yielding inverted arch of composite structures is designed to control serious floor heave of tunnel. Constitution of the inverted arch is...

Authors: Xing Jun Qi, Yong Gang Shen

Abstract: For the irregular rotational displacement of curved girder bridge under seismic action there are some limits to calculate collision effect...

Authors: Qiang Xu, Xing Jun Qi

Abstract: Based on the impact phenomenon between the end of the beam and the bridge abutment of the curved continuous bridge during earthquakes, a...

Authors: Zheng Wei Ye, Yi Qiang Xiang

Abstract: Based on the method of separation of wind speed and direction variable, considering the wind direction frequency function, ascending order...

Authors: Wei Liang Gao, Yun Peng Li

Abstract: The stability study is one of the hot spots of the urban transport design for the subway through the existing structure. The maximum...

Authors: Ebrahim Safa, Arman Safa

Abstract: Abstract .Transportations one of the important indexes of air pollution in cities has always occurred in the form of a big Unavoidable...

Authors: Lei Zhao, Jian Zhong Yang, Jin Xin Zhao

Abstract: The responses of the buried pipeline due to reverse fault dislocating are studied by a 3-dimension shell finite element model with...

Authors: Hai Yan Lan, Guang Wu Tang

Abstract: This paper mainly aims to investigate and analyze seismic fortification standards, the actual earthquake intensity and damages of the...


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