Advances in Civil Engineering, ICCET 2011

Volumes 90-93

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xin Jiang Wei, Yang Zhou, Gang Wei, Jie Hong

Abstract: In this paper, Ground deformation in shield tunneling construction is researched. It is put forward that ground deformation is caused by...

Authors: Ting Kai Nian, Ke Li Zhang, Run Qiu Huang, Guang Qi Chen

Abstract: The stability and failure mode for a 3D vertical slope with transverse earthquake load and surcharge have been an interesting issue,...

Authors: Yan Chun Tang, Gao Tou Meng, Qiu Feng Mao

Abstract: Based on the different methods of computing the soil consolidation coefficient by excess pore pressure dissipation datum on CPTU, through...

Authors: Ming Dong Wang, Jin Lin, Bin Yan

Abstract: To increase the bearing capacity of piles, the protruding technique proves to be both reliable and effective. The spiral protruding pile is...

Authors: Li Ge Wang, Wei Shen Zhu, Kui Zhou, Xiao Li Xin

Abstract: Inbetween the many factors, which will influence the distribution character of initial stress in a mountain, different angle of mountain...

Authors: Hou Li Fu, Chun Hui Qin, Jie Han

Abstract: According to the essential features of countertendency fracture rock slopes and the geology condition of engineering. The stability of slope...

Authors: Jing Song Qian, Hang Lu

Abstract: The soil-water characteristic defines the relationship between the soil suction and gravimetric water content, w, or the volumetric water...

Authors: Yong Gang Li, Shu Yan Xing, Lin Wei Feng

Abstract: The vertical earth pressure on the top of ditch-buried culverts was analyzed theoretically under the condition of trapezoidal ditch and...

Authors: Wei Min Liang, Jun Feng Qiao, Zeng Zhang Guo

Abstract: In mining area, the ground surface level is lowered and curved after the claps of cover-layers of coal-seams evacuated regions. The...

Authors: Hui Li, Bei Jiang, Bin Yang, Qi Wang, Hong Tao Wang, Zhi Li, Wei Teng Li

Abstract: The finite models of U-steel support, grid steel frame, hollow steel tube support and concrete filled steel tube support were established,...


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