Advances in Civil Engineering, ICCET 2011

Volumes 90-93

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wen Wang, Wei Shen Zhu, Min Yong

Abstract: The effect of anchor on fractured rock specimens in splitting test is simulated by DDARF method in this research. The results are compared...

Authors: Lu Chen, Chuan Wei Zang, Feng Hai Yu, Xiang Kun Yu

Abstract: Support invalidity of a roadway have a largely influence on production safety of coal mines, especially the soft coal roadway, which deforms...

Authors: Lin Hui Wan, Ping Cao, Yong Heng Huang, Yi Xian Wang, Xiang Yang Zhang

Abstract: By a circular increment step load and unload method, a set of rheological experiments were performed to study the creep properties of...

Authors: Zhen Zhong Cao, Xiao Ming Yuan

Abstract: Banqiao school building had to be demolished for rebuilding because of severe damage induced by liquefaction following the 2008 Wenchuan Ms...

Authors: Shao Kun Ma, Xiao Bing Zhou, Ping Hu, Guo Liang Han, Yao Xiao, Xiao Duo Ou

Abstract: In order to study the dimensional influence of tunneling on adjacent pile foundation, successive segmental excavation is simulated...

Authors: Fu Ju Gao

Abstract: Based on the recent 20 years' observation and research, this paper briefly discusses the mechanism of forming, mechanical properties of...

Authors: Yue Ying Liang, Guo Nan Liu, Rong Hua Hu, Ming Zhang

Abstract: At space compacted, pipeline-intensive, buildings and underground structures adjacent places, environmental deformation is sensitive to deep...

Authors: Hong Bin Xiao, Yue Wang

Abstract: In China high-speed railway engineering practice, embankment settlements calculated values were often greatly different to the measured...

Authors: Hai Ping Ma, Jing Wang, Wei Shen Zhu, Min Yong

Abstract: Using DDARF method, the uniaxial and biaxial compression experiments of double-fractured rock samples are numerically investigated....

Authors: Li Hui Cao, Fu Guang Zhang, Huai Ping Feng

Abstract: Using coupling model, the time-effect behavior for deep pit during excavating and dewatering is studied. The distribution of the seepage...


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