Advances in Civil Engineering, ICCET 2011

Volumes 90-93

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Hu, Zhen Lin Chen

Abstract: Two dynamic numerical simulation models of horizontal bedded rocky slopes were established with Finite Element Analysis (FEA) according to...

Authors: Yong Jun Zhou, Yu Zhao, Yi Fan Song

Abstract: It is reported that the impact factor is influenced by many parameters, whereas in most cases the impact factor is only related to the main...

Authors: Fen Li, Hu Tang

Abstract: It was presented for the results of 3D finite difference analysis on the behavior of single pile in clay. Firstly, it was discussed to the...

Authors: Tong Hui Qian, Wen Cai Xia, Fang Chen, Hong Xing Ding

Abstract: Through analysis of model test results, some of the basic sliding piles features of the frame anti-slide pile can be obtained. Under the...

Authors: Ze Xun Yuan, Ling Tao Mao, Dan Zhao, Zhen Yu Chi

Abstract: In this paper, CT technique is applied to observe soft soil of different depth , and microstructure characters are analyzed combined with...

Authors: Yong Liu, Chun Sheng Qiao

Abstract: The intensity and deformation characterization of a rock mass is an important input parameter in any analysis of rock mass behavior. Field...

Authors: Jiang Qian Zhao, Hai Yan Ju, Jian Hua Li

Abstract: Based on the investigation and analysis of acid sewage quality component in some metal mine, and combining with the investigation on the...

Authors: Zhe Qin, Lei Wang, Li Bo Meng

Abstract: This paper aims at the incompatibility of indices in comprehensive evaluation of supporting scheme for foundation pit. An optimization model...

Authors: Chao Liang Ye, Yong Quan Zhu, Ben Guo He

Abstract: Loess has been subjected to long-term deposit, geological structure and weathering under the condition of self-weight and above covered...

Authors: Hong Guo Dong, Wen Kang Wei, Huai Wen Zhang

Abstract: During the design of foundation of a high-rise building with large space requirement at the ground floor, CFG piles are used in substitution...


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