Advances in Civil Engineering, ICCET 2011

Volumes 90-93

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hong Bo Zhang, Li Zhi Zheng, Xiu Guang Song, Jun Ping Xu

Abstract: In order to make up for defects, including big gravity stress, large mansory and higher ground stress, in traditional gravity retaining...

Authors: Jun Yan Liu, Yan Liu, Tao Liu

Abstract: A well-established management system and its corresponding carrier are urgently needed to make engineering construction management achieve...

Authors: Jun Zhong, Zhengbin Wang

Abstract: The existing researches on carrying capacity of passenger stations of passenger dedicated lines basically follow the calculation method for...

Authors: Tong Xu Wang, Wen Hai Zheng, Sai Jiang Liang

Abstract: In this paper ,the geostress field of a large area complicated in geological structures was inverted with the stress data of a few measured...

Authors: Yao Xu, Shu Cai Li, Xiao Zhang, Bin Yan, Chun Mei Zhu

Abstract: A dynamic consolidation model of double layered foundation of saturated soil and unsaturated soil is proposed. Mechanism of dynamic...

Authors: Gang Wang, Yu Jing Jiang, Ming Bin Wang

Abstract: The nuclear waste storage projects, hydropower and etc are often installed in the hard crystalline rocks. The creep phenomenon of the hard...

Authors: Xing Long Fang, Zhi Ming Chen, Zhen Jiao, Gang Hua Pan, Wen Ping Zhou, Kai Feng

Abstract: Cement asphalt mortar is a key part of flexible adjusting layer in slab ballastless track structure. In this paper, new materials of epoxy...

Authors: Wan Li Chao, Xing Hua Wang

Abstract: Problem is brought forward by the weak soil layer and the soil near slide surface. The weight back analyzed is presented to solve the...

Authors: Jin Wei Fu, Wei Shen Zhu, Li Ge Wang, Xiang Gang Wang

Abstract: Engineering rock mass is commonly a brittle medium containing lots of joints or fissures. Under the stress redistribution in...

Authors: Xiao Wei Li, Cheng Lin Jiang, Wen Peng Liu, Ming Ji

Abstract: the evolution of rock microdefect is a random variation, and we can consider evolutionary process of microdefect system as nonequilibrium...


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