Advances in Civil Engineering, ICCET 2011

Volumes 90-93

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bao Fu Duan, Meng Zhang, Yan Xin Lv, Cheng Bo Zhai, Xian He Weng

Abstract: Slopes of open-pit mine and ash storage are likely to occur the geological disasters of landslides, collapse, ground deforms and so on, due...

Authors: Chun Peng Zhu, Hai Qing Wu, Li Wei Wang

Abstract: Large amounts of sludge are produced in China each year. Its safe disposal and the recycling technology is the only way to solve the problem...

Authors: Chao Ru Liu

Abstract: By analyzing a large number of in-situ stress data measured in underground deep coal mines, two types of in-situ stress fields exit in deep...

Authors: Hong Yang Xie, Huan Yang, Jin Quan Yin

Abstract: The model of the axis-radiate infinite element is developed for simulation of the infinite layered foundation underlain by a rigid base....

Authors: Wei Ming Wang, Zhen Zhong Cao, Long Wei Chen, Xiao Ming Yuan

Abstract: In Wenchuan earthquake, liquefaction and relevant damage in Mianyang region were significant and of the three major regions, but the...

Authors: Xu Dong Zhang, Shuai Wang, Ran Gang Yu

Abstract: The settlement characteristics of storage tank foundation at water-filling preloading stage and stable loading stage was analyzed based on...

Authors: Xiao Ping Chen, Teng Teng Chen

Abstract: Stability analysis of excavated high slope is a complex problem. This work aims to a real excavated high slope in argillaceous mudstone, the...

Authors: Yong Heng Huang, Ping Cao, Yi Xian Wang

Abstract: The fragmentation of ore pass under loading belongs to one of the typical disaster in underground mine. This paper is concerned with the...

Authors: Ying Cui, Jun Hai Zhao, Shan Shan Sun

Abstract: The composite foundation fully takes the carrying capacity of pile and soil into account, which decreases the settlement of oil storage tank...

Authors: Fang Ding He, Guang Jun Guo, Yang Yang

Abstract: The horizontal vibration characteristic of the pile foundation is a key technology in dynamic design of foundation engineering. By...


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