Advances in Civil Engineering, ICCET 2011

Volumes 90-93

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ting Chun Li, Hui Wang, Xue Yang Xing, Yu Qing Zhang

Abstract: At the turn of the last century, bolt supporting of coal roadway had rapidly developed with the applied range of bolt stretching...

Authors: Hai Dong Wang, Ji Ping Deng, Jie Luo, Meng Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, the combination of antenna array detection method of ground penetrating radar is put forward to solve the actual engineering...

Authors: Jian Jun Zhou, Zhi Peng Gong, Lei Chen, Ke Ke Xie

Abstract: On May 10, 2007, the Muzhuping landslide moved into Modao-he River caused by impoundment and early rainfall, which is a first landslide...

Authors: Bing Jun Wang, Hong Tian Xiao

Abstract: This paper analyzed the interaction between two parallel vertical cracks in a transversely isotropic half space by using the boundary...

Authors: Yu Zhou Jiang, Rui Hong Wang

Abstract: In order to know about the rheological properties of typical biotite granitic gneiss in Xiaowan Hydropower Project, triaxial rheological...

Authors: Hai Long Liu, Pei Feng Cheng

Abstract: Through the test research of the two different molding methods of vibration and static pressure, including the analysis of traditional heavy...

Authors: Fei Wang, Jian Xue Song

Abstract: Parameter-M is the proportion factor of horizontal soil reaction when the soil is compressed horizontally, and the corresponding method of...

Authors: Jian Hui Sun, Long Jiang, Wan Shun Wang

Abstract: The paper has in-depth systematically studied stability and early warning of high engineering high slopes in depth, and established the...

Authors: Rui Gao, Yan Qiang Wang, Jun Yan

Abstract: The socketed depth in rock-socketed pile can influence its bearing mechanism largely. At present the numerical simulation is used to study...

Authors: Ran Gang Yu, Yong Tian

Abstract: This paper propose genetic algorithm combined with neural networks, greatly improving the convergence rate of neural network aim at the...


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