Advances in Civil Engineering, ICCET 2011

Volumes 90-93

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Ping Gong, Hong Xiao

Abstract: With full-bridge longitudinal-connected foundation plates,CRTSⅡslab track sets type ∏ terminal restricted configuration anchorage structure...

Authors: Zhen Liu, Cui Ying Zhou

Abstract: The stability control of the overlapped tunnels system has been one of the hot issues and difficulties in tunnel and underground engineering...

Authors: Dong Yuan Wang, Jian Jun Zhao, Yu Ming Zhou, Li Qiang Lu

Abstract: This paper explores the methods used widely in China and western world interpreting the ultimate capacity of driven piles based on axial...

Authors: Xiao Ling, Rong Hui Wang

Abstract: Abstract:On the basis of preliminary exploration, complement exploration is executed to obtain excavation seepage analysis detail...

Authors: Chong Jiang, Xi Bing Li, Ke Ping Zhou, Shan Wei Wang

Abstract: There is uncertainty during analysis the stability of karst roof under pile tip. The interval numbers are used to express the calculation...

Authors: Jia Guang Kan, Nong Zhang, Hai Wei Zhang, Zhi Yi Zhang, Guang Yao Si

Abstract: In order to effectively control deep roadway under mining influence, based on the typical engineering geological conditions of Dingji...

Authors: Chuan Qian Tao, Xue Yan Xu, Heng Yan Xie, Xin Zheng

Abstract: For cement-soil pile composite subgrade under rigid foundation, a three-dimensional nonlinear finite element analysis is performed to...

Authors: Zhong Xi Zhu, Gong Hui Liu, Jun Li, Meng Bo Li

Abstract: More cuttings producing in higher penetration rate of gas drilling are usually in the larger non-uniform size at the bottom and in the...

Authors: Han Peng Liu, Dong Yuan Wang, Zhi Jun Ma

Abstract: This paper presents a study on influence of model parameters on deformation analyses with Duncan-Chang Modified Nonlinear Stress-strain...

Authors: Qun Lu, Hui Xia Li, Jian Bo Yuan

Abstract: Pit excavation influences the stress and deformation of adjacent underground pipelines seriously. On the base of former study, the project...


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