Advances in Civil Engineering, ICCET 2011

Volumes 90-93

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hong Chun Xia, Guo Qing Zhou, Ze Chao Du

Abstract: The direct shear mechanical characteristics of gravel, sand and steel particle were studied systematically using DRS-1 high normal stress...

Authors: Zhi Zhong Li, Lian Sheng Tang, Yong Qiang Hu, Zhao Yuan Li, Pei Yuan Lin

Abstract: It is of significance for pile foundation design and construction to predict the penetration depth accurately of the displacement pile under...

Authors: Yong Mou Zhang, Jian Chang Zhao

Abstract: According to the monitoring results of soft clay treated by preloading with plastic drainage pipe, the consolidation settlement effect of...

Authors: Yan Yong An, Bao Tian Wang

Abstract: Cone penetration test is a fast and efficient in-situ test technique. With the development of sensor technology and the use of new probes,...

Authors: Wen Xiang Peng, Jian Jun Mo, Yu Jun Xie

Abstract: Slope stability analysis remains an active and important area of study for geotechnical engineers. The vast majority of slope stability...

Authors: Hong Xia Yang, Zheng Rong Zhao

Abstract: In order to solve the problem of great error in calculating the Yellow River alluvial plain highway’s foundation settlement with...

Authors: De Quan Zhou, Hong Li Liu

Abstract: The combined pile composite foundation has the advantages of good technical and economic effects, yet there are no mature analysis methods...

Authors: Jin Hua Li

Abstract: Based on bolt support project of the 107th working face in Huangling the 2nd mine, the lesion range of large-span rectangular coal roadway...

Authors: Fu Sheng Liu, Gang Gang Dong, Su Hua Wang, Shao Jie Wang, Yang Song

Abstract: This paper chooses anchored support engineering of ore dynamic pressure soft rock roadway Qinan, Huaibei city as an example, and with the...

Authors: Dan Dan Yu, Bao Ming Han, De Wei Li, Wei Teng Zhou

Abstract: Due to the capacity limitation, congestions caused by the excessive amount of passenger flow appear in many Mass Transit Railway(MTR) hubs....


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