Advances in Civil Engineering, ICCET 2011

Volumes 90-93

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jun Jie Wang, Hui Ping Zhang, Tao Liu

Abstract: A new method to analyze the seismic stability of the cut soil slope is suggested in this study. In the method, the limiting equilibrium...

Authors: Xue Feng Zhang, Ye Ma, Chong Xia Song

Abstract: Through carrying out the experiments of unit pile model to simulate the different force conditions of bored pile buried in different depth...

Authors: Hong Li Wang, Jin Qiao Zhao, Wei Bao, Li Xin Song

Abstract: Now, pneumatic rotary anchor roofbolter is widely used in the underground. Pneumatic rock driller is mainly operated in hard rock tunnel,...

Authors: Ying Hui Lv, Bin Yan

Abstract: In the process of deep tunnel excavation, the surrounding rock mass, which often endures high initial geo-stress, is in the state of typical...

Authors: Da Wei Cheng, Ya Sheng Luo, Li Guo Yang, Xi Chen

Abstract: In practical projects, foundations or roadbeds soil is usually in complex initial stress states, and deformation and settlement may happen...

Authors: Jun Hu, Ling Xu, Nu Wen Xu

Abstract: Fault is one of the most important factors affecting tunnel instability. As a significant and casual construction of Jinping II hydropower...

Authors: Xiao Bin Chen, Jia Sheng Zhang

Abstract: To study the granular soil’s rheological properties, a large triaxial rheological apparatus was developed by assemblying a axial pressure...

Authors: Yong Suo Li, Ke Neng Zhang, Xian Yang, Chang Bo Huang

Abstract: Tunnel excavation is often done in underground engineering such as civil tunnel construction and mine excavation. The numerical simulation...

Authors: Zhen Jun Wu, Wei Wang

Abstract: Probabilistic slope stability analyses have been adopted in study and geotechnical practice. But there are many misconceptions in the...

Authors: Xi Chen, Ya Sheng Luo, Da Wei Cheng, Hong Guo

Abstract: The paper proposes a calculation method of soil particles framework structural strength, and provides a new parameter, defined as resistance...


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