Advances in Civil Engineering, ICCET 2011

Volumes 90-93

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bo Jing Tian

Abstract: Housing performance is an important and widely studied topic since it has significant impact on architecture design and programming. In...

Authors: Bin Xia Xue, Zhi Qing Zhao, Sheng Jun Liu

Abstract: As the joint connecting urban and rural areas, the special ways are needed in the spatial urban planning & design of the urban marginal...

Authors: Shi Jun Xu, Guo Dong Zheng

Abstract: Based on summarizing the purpose and main working conditions of horizontal analysis of the box beam in bridges, combined with the force...

Authors: Da Lin Hu, Ding Ding, Long Gang Chen, Chun Mei Xia

Abstract: This paper presents simulation analysis of load effects of bridges under random fleet. Based on actual data of vehicle loads on...

Authors: Da Lin Hu, Long Gang Chen, Ding Ding, Chun Mei Xia

Abstract: This paper presents statistical analysis of vehicle loads, which were measured by Weighing in Motion (WIM). The vehicle composition,...

Authors: De Liang Chen, Feng Liu, Wen Ting Wang, Chang Ping Chen

Abstract: The dynamic characteristics of cable-stayed bridge will be affected greatly by soil action. In the paper, a spatial dynamic analysis model...

Authors: Jin Feng Wang, Jian Ping Lin, Yi Fu, Yong Jiang, Jian Zeng Li, Zhi Cheng Zhang

Abstract: With both the high efficiency and economic advantages, the incremental launching has been widely used in bridge construction. As the steel U...

Authors: Qiu Ning Yang, Ming Jie Mao, Sumio Hamada

Abstract: Several equations for punching shear strength of the reinforced concrete slab have been proposed in the world. These equations have their...

Authors: Wen Jun Gao, Guang Wu Tang, Yi Da Kong

Abstract: A typical reinforced concrete rib arch bridge was chosen to investigate its nonlinear response to near-fault ground motions recorded in 2008...

Authors: Tao Wang, Yu Li, Jing Ning, Yan Wei Li

Abstract: According to the behavior of seismically isolated continuous bridges, the bidirectional nonlinear characteristics of lead rubber bearing are...


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