Advances in Civil Engineering, ICCET 2011

Volumes 90-93

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Shi Lv, Guang Yong Wang, Jia Qi Guo

Abstract: Based on model tests, the wave function expansion method was used to study scattering on the interaction of explosive stress waves and the...

Authors: Zi Shu Dai

Abstract: Conventional isolation systems may induce an excessive response in near-fault earthquakes. A new short time Fourier transformation (STFT)...

Authors: Gang Ge, Jian Min Liu

Abstract: The effect of adjacent soil improvement on ground motion is studied using finite element method, when seismic wave is introduced from the...

Authors: Hui Wu, Wen Feng Du, Yi Jun Wang

Abstract: Aiming at failure mechanisms and judgment criterion of progressive collapse for space trusses, the responses and the failure mechanisms of...

Authors: Rui Fang Yu, Mei Qiao Yuan, Yan Xiang Yu

Abstract: The U.S. Geological Survey Parkfield Dense Seismograph Array (UPSAR) successfully recorded strong motions during 2003 San Simeon earthquake...

Authors: Jeng Hsiang Lin

Abstract: The combination method implied in the formula used to evaluate the building separation to avoid seismic pounding in current Taiwan Building...

Authors: Yong Huang, Jun Jie Wang, Xi Yu Zheng

Abstract: During the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, many arch bridges in the seismic zone were damaged. The typical damage included: span collapsed,...

Authors: Hong Wei Ma, Wen Hua Chen

Abstract: In this paper, the seismic response of underwater shield tunnel to incident P waves is investigated by using the Fourier-Bessel series...

Authors: Guang Biao Shao

Abstract: Earthquake shakes the soil and induces modulus softening and liquefaction of non-cohesive soil, which causes instability of the slope. A...

Authors: Guo Xue Zhang, Chang Wei Wang, Zhi Hao Zhang

Abstract: Three specimens with ribbed stainless steel rebar and one specimen with ribbed ordinary steel rebar are tested concerning the strength...


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