Advances in Civil Engineering, ICCET 2011

Volumes 90-93

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Long Qing Hou, Ai Fei Li, Hong Mei Xu, Chun Feng He, Peng Hu

Abstract: Many gravelly soils liquefied cases history especially in the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake warn that loose to moderate density of gravels have...

Authors: Jun Zuo

Abstract: According to the seismic anisotropy theory and the test observation, this paper puts forward the conception of the ground micro tremor...

Authors: Sao Qing Chen, Xiao Guang Jin, Yu Juan Jin, Ling Zhu

Abstract: Taking dual carriageway standard cross section given by the current highway tunnel design standard and supporting structure parameters of...

Authors: Zhong Yang, Yun Xu, Bing Zhao, Xu Jun Chen

Abstract: An optimum reticulated shell structure is selected and its dynamic properties are analyzed. In this paper analyses the dynamic feature and...

Authors: Xiao Li Li, Dong Liang Li, Dong Sheng Wang, Zhi Guo Sun

Abstract: Well seismic performance of abutment were safety precondition of whole bridge. According to destroyed multi-span simple beam bridge of...

Authors: Hui Jun Yu, Ai Rong Liu, Qi Cai Yu

Abstract: This paper adopts the energy method to construct a MDOF’s (Multi-degree-of-freedom) seismic energy response equation of a deck-arch bridge,...

Authors: Fang Han, Dong Wang Zhong, Ji Yun Mo

Abstract: In structure-equipment system, there are complex dynamic interactions between structures and equipments. A fast discriminant condition...

Authors: Xu Dong Cheng, Jing Jing Hu, Li Ming Zhao

Abstract: Storage tanks after earthquake disaster may create the serious consequence, so their anti-seismic problems have drawn greater attention, and...

Authors: Long He Xu, Xu Shan, Zhong Xian Li

Abstract: To evaluate the damage level of steel structure under different earthquakes, a kind of vulnerability analysis method based on seismic damage...

Authors: Hui Guo Chen, Ying Min Li, Shao Qing Shi

Abstract: Based on HHT method, the influences of site conditions and epicenter distance on non-stationarity of multidimensional ground motion were...


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