Advances in Civil Engineering, ICCET 2011

Volumes 90-93

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ping Song Zhang, Yong Sheng Li, Xiong Wu Hu

Abstract: The height of “two belts” for overburden distortion and failure in mining workface is very important to coal mine safety production. The...

Authors: Xian Ming Hu, E Chuan Yan, Kun Lv, Ting Ting Zhang

Abstract: According to the analysis of the landslide monitoring data, it is revealed that the amount of the cumulative displacement of the landslide...

Authors: Dong Qi Tang, Jian Bing Peng

Abstract: With the rapid economic development of loess area, engineering loess landslides have become a serious danger to loess area people. It is an...

Authors: Xiu Guang Song, Kai Yao, Qing Dong Wu, Ji Shan Liu

Abstract: The effective reinforcement depth was the main design basis of dynamic consolidation. The concept and affecting factors of the effective...

Authors: Kuo Li, Yong Bo Zhang

Abstract: We simulate the rock’s movement and defoemation process in the coal mining, and research the overlying strata movement and deformation under...

Authors: Dong Heng Hao, Jian Feng Qi, Bin Wang, Shu Qin Zhao

Abstract: Geotechnical tests are performed to study the strain-stress behavior and mechanical parameters by using the automatic KTG triaxial shear...

Authors: Ming Wu Wang, Shuai Qin, Peng Hua

Abstract: Risk analysis of shrinking and swelling of expansive soils and improved expansive soils with lime (IESL) for airport runway projection is a...

Authors: Dong Qi Tang, Jian Bing Peng, Qi Yao Wang, Ji Shan Xu

Abstract: The loess area ecology environment is very fragile, happening various geological disasters, loess landslides is one of the most mainly the...

Authors: Jing Hui Duan, Jian Bao Chen

Abstract: Based on the panel data of 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions from 1994 to 2008, this paper uses the method of...

Authors: Yong Hong

Abstract: This paper attempts to simulate the stress-strain relations of Pontida silty clay under triaxial tests in accordance with the latest theory...


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