Advances in Civil Engineering, ICCET 2011

Volumes 90-93

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chun Hui Zhang, Xing Jun Qi, Qi Hui Chen

Abstract: In this article, an inclined leg bridge is taken as the research object. The three-dimensional finite element model is established, and soil...

Authors: Sai Ni Yang, Liang Zong, Yuan Qing Wang

Abstract: Highway bridges played an important role in lifeline systems. Their seismic damage status made a direct influence on the implement plan of...

Authors: Yi Liu, Xing Jun Qi, Yi Jian Wang, Shu Gang Chen

Abstract: The seismic response of curved girder bridge is more complex because of its irregular plane shape, therefore, the systematic study of an...

Authors: Qing Kai Sun, Xing Jun Qi, Yi Liu

Abstract: Under the earthquake, pounding between the beam and the bridge abutment causes great damages to skew girder bridge, and current study on...

Authors: Ji Wei Zhong, Kun Quan Huang, Xing Xin Li

Abstract: The fatigue truck model is an important parameter in a fatigue evaluation, a 3-axle fatigue truck model was developed based on the...

Authors: Xiang Rong Yuan

Abstract: The natural frequencies and mode shapes of 2, 3 and 4 spans continuous beam with universal cross section are calculated, and these dynamic...

Authors: Zhi Chun Liu, Xin Qiang Gao, Ming Lei Sun

Abstract: Tunnel drainage influence range is a difficult hydrological problem. It relates directly to tunnel groundwater environment influence degree...

Authors: Wen Cao, Wei Can Meng

Abstract: The technologies of traffic information collection based on GPS equipped floating car have been become one of the main important means for...

Authors: Xiao Feng Li, Jun Yi Du

Abstract: The ground structure, elastic and electronic properties of several phases of NbN are determined based on ab initio total-energy calculations...

Authors: Chao Fan Wu, Ming Song Liu, Xing Lin Wen

Abstract: Fujian Province is one of Coal shortage for the southern provinces, under the premise to ensure safety of existing and the nowadays...


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