Advances in Civil Engineering, ICCET 2011

Volumes 90-93

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wen Kai Feng, Run Qiu Huang, Qiang Xu

Abstract: Slope of subhorizontal layer structure is among typical natural structures and the different soft and hard rock combinations in upper and...

Authors: Wei Mao, E Chuan Yan, Kun Song, Ting Ting Zhang

Abstract: On the base of the obtained materials and considering the factors of composition features, dynamic mechanism and deformation-motion...

Authors: Chang Song Zhou, Xiu Qing Zheng, Li Yuan Zheng, Xiao Ou Wei

Abstract: According to the basic characteristics of geological environment in Pingyao mining area, we analyzed the relationship between coal mining...

Authors: Qing Shan Xiong, Yong Sheng Ye, Shuang Liang Liu, Jia Li, Fan Jiu Kong

Abstract: During the construction for solving geological hazard of landslide, there often existed the accidents of sticking pipe and burying drilling...

Authors: Xiao Yan Lin, Tong Lu Li

Abstract: The conventional shear creep apparatus uses lever to amplify the load, which has a serious limitations in practical use. First, the round...

Authors: Yue Xin She, Ya Dong Chen, Cheng Wu Wang

Abstract: The working mechanism of branch pile under vertical load is studied based on digital image correlation method in model test. Bearing...

Authors: Ju Ping Zhang, Wei Jiang Zhang, De Quan Wang

Abstract: With the expansion of Ningdong Energy and Chemical Industry Base at Lingwu, Ningxia, water shortage is becoming increasingly serious and...

Authors: Yong Tao Gao, Xiao Hu

Abstract: Due to the applicable installation height, small mass, flexible characteristic, and small damp, the adherent billboard could easily result...

Authors: Yong Tao Gao, Xiao Hu

Abstract: In the interest of forecasting and alarming system of rainfall landslides, the Boji stones landslide of Three Gorges is taken into...

Authors: Zhen Ming Shi, You Quan Wang, Jian Feng Chen, Zu Guang Shang, Xiao Tao He

Abstract: The fills of barrier dams commonly result from high-speed landslides debris flow. In this paper, four model tests were conducted to study...


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