Advances in Civil Engineering, ICCET 2011

Volumes 90-93

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hu Ren Rong, Hai Bo Bai, Long Chen

Abstract: It is important to research the existence of the top Ordovician water-resisting strata, under which the regional Ordovician karts aquifers...

Authors: Yong Qiang He, Yan Peng Zhu, Yun Wu, Xiao Qing Wang

Abstract: Compaction piles is one of the conventional methods for foundation treatment in collapsible loess, there are very few research results about...

Authors: Wen Tao Chen, De Rong Wang, Yue Hong Qian, Jie Li

Abstract: The elasticity cavity swelling is investigated, and based on equivalent loading and elastic wave theory, blasting propagation model at great...

Authors: Zheng Ying Li, Peng Peng Dang, De Jian Mu

Abstract: For vibration control of long-span arch bridges under multi-support seismic excitation, this paper presents schemes of control to seismic...

Authors: Qiang Song, Yong Zhang, Yong Xu

Abstract: Seismic behavior of the steel & concrete hybrid structure is studied by Sap2000, including modal analysis, response spectrum analysis and...

Authors: Jiang Hua Shi, Zhen Zhong Cao, Zhao Yan Li, Xiao Ming Yuan, Lin Dong

Abstract: Based on liquefaction survey of 2003 Xinjiang Bachu earthquake of Ms6.8 and in-situ shear wave velocity testing data, the feasibility and...

Authors: Gui Zhen Wang, Ying Min Li, Li Ping Liu

Abstract: This paper, based on the Chongqing urban small earthquake zoning, structure of ground calculation model to analysis soil seismic response ,...

Authors: Dan Dan Jin, Guo Xing Chen, Fei Fan Dong

Abstract: So far, nonlinear analyses on seismic effect of large-scale basin model have rarely been reported. Based on the explicit finite element...

Authors: Xiang Dong Xie, Li Hua Xu

Abstract: According to the geological conditions of the Danjiangkou reservoir, the computational model was set up considering fracture zones and the...

Authors: Xiang Jian Wang, Jie Cui

Abstract: For linear parametric system, like mass proportional damping case, physical parameter identification of horizontal layered soil and...


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