Advances in Civil Engineering, ICCET 2011

Volumes 90-93

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yan Hua Han

Abstract: Based on characteristic analysis of the aged people’s traveling and research for the development of the urban barrier-free traffic...

Authors: Wen Yuan Xu, Long Sun, Li Qiang Mu

Abstract: The drought resistance adaptation mechanism of highway greening plants was always the focal point which the researcher payed attention. This...

Authors: Li Min Tang

Abstract: A regularization homotopy iterative method established for ill-posed nonlinear least squares problem. Two new regularization parameter...

Authors: Bai Chao Wu, Ai Ping Tang, Lian Fa Wang

Abstract: The foundation of delaunay triangulation and constrained delaunay triangulation is the basis of three dimensional geographical...

Authors: Fei Meng, Ming Yang Yu, You Cun Liu, Jian Cui

Abstract: Abstract.The wetlands dynamics was investigated in Nansi Lake for the period between 1987 and 2007. Four periods of remote sensing images,...

Authors: Mao Yi Tian, Xing Wang, Qian Zhao

Abstract: The paper researches how to import the large amount of discrete data into 3DMAX and realizes high precision 3D terrain modeling. By...

Authors: Zhi Xiong Mei, Yang Jun Ou, Si Min Chen

Abstract: Based on the current condition of Guangzhou subway network, the authors used GIS methods and extended the space syntax theory to analyze the...

Authors: Jing Wei Wang, Yan Jiang, Guo Qiang Zheng

Abstract: The three-dimensional information of urban buildings is an important issue in urban monitoring, urban planning, urban management and various...

Authors: Mao Yi Tian, Xing Wang, Jing Wei Wang

Abstract: A system model for web deployment of 3D terrain which mode is Browser/Server based on J2EE tri-tier system framework is given in the paper....

Authors: Guo Qiang Zheng, Yong Xia Li, Jing Wei Wang

Abstract: This paper process spectral data of the water based on normalization and Envelope elimination methods, by correlation analysis between land...


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