Advances in Civil Engineering, ICCET 2011

Volumes 90-93

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bo Hu, Guo Qiang Li, Su Wen Chen, Wen Long Shi

Abstract: Perimeter protection is an important physical protection approach for buildings and infrastructures, which is also regarded as the first...

Authors: Xiang Chao Yin, Zhe Sun, Xue Ling Li

Abstract: This article mainly studied the seismic response of high-rise RC frame and the damping effect with viscoelastic damper. Taking a reinforced...

Authors: Ji Zhou, Yuan Ming Dou, Ji Shu Sun

Abstract: In order to improve the wind resistance of single-storey house in the rural areas, this paper has carried countryside house's rigid model on...

Authors: Ya Hong Zhao, Yan Jin Hao, Lu Yang Ren

Abstract: In this paper, a program is developed based on Matlab, in which subsidence value of any shape face of a single point, and multi-points were...

Authors: Yong Jun Liu, Dong Wang, Xing Tao Ma

Abstract: In this paper, an algorithm based on the network method suggested by Oppenheim for calculating the radiative heat flow in a cavity of...

Authors: Ya Qi Ye, Hui Qi Ren, Xiang Yun Wu

Abstract: The structural vulnerability analysis decides the probability of the structural failure under the earthquake loads. According to the seismic...

Authors: Ming Qiang Xia, Hong Yu Jia, Shi Xiong Zheng

Abstract: Detailed calculation of the dynamic displacement and dynamic internal force response of each structual member of wharf structure in the...

Authors: Chun Ying Long, Hui Zhang

Abstract: With interchanging vegetational reconstruction of Ying Rui highway as the research object, using Drying method as principal combining with...

Authors: Lei Jia, Ting Lei, Song Hong Yan

Abstract: The impact of tunnel construction upon the environment is analyzed from the perspective of ecology, air, sound and society respectively. In...

Authors: Jing Min Hong, Ling Wang, Jing Lan Hong

Abstract: A cost combined life cycle assessment was carried out to estimate the economic and environmental impact of redmud as aggregate in cement...


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