Advances in Civil Engineering, ICCET 2011

Volumes 90-93

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yong Ping Xie, Zhen Bao Li, Jia Song, Xiu Li Du

Abstract: With the development of modern constructional technique, more attention on the size effect is paid by academics and engineers. Shear failure...

Authors: Lei Nie, Li Na Xu, Yan Xin Yu

Abstract: Abstract: It is analyzed and obtained the result that the debris flow is currently in mature stage with medium risk and high occurrence...

Authors: Wei Wang, Jie Tian, Zhi Tao Wang, Xiao Dong Guo, Dong Hui Ma

Abstract: In order to correctly evaluate urban comprehensive disaster-carrying capability and then to establish scientific basis for disaster...

Authors: Li Biao Liu, Yong Xing Zhang, Jian Gong Chen

Abstract: The characteristic of soil is one of the main factors that influence the modal parameters of retaining wall. This paper analyzes the...

Authors: Chuan Qin Pang

Abstract: In long-term operation process, highway subgrade is subjected to strength decrease easily,and the water environment around often causes the...

Authors: Gui Feng Zhao, Yu Hong Ma, Yong Shan Zhang, Zuo Yu Sun

Abstract: For the displacement-constraint device with hysteric-friction isolation system, the judgment condition of soft-collision between the...

Authors: Zhong Xing Luo, Kun Sheng Luo, Yue Tang Zhao, Jie Ji Huang

Abstract: The keyword LOAD_BLAST in LS-DYNA has been established to simulate the response of the structure under blast loading since V960. The ConWep...

Authors: Chao Feng Liu, Jing Yu Su, Wei Wang

Abstract: Taken examples of recent major disasters,the deficiencies of shelter and evacuation system in planning,construction, etc.. and the...

Authors: Ya Fei Jiang

Abstract: Data and parameters of the proposals being selected may be not assured. This uncertainty of data and parameters can be expressed as random...

Authors: Ji Xin Yang, Jun Wang, Yi Feng Huang

Abstract: The means of inflicting hot or cold interfere at the key place of typhoon was put forward to alter the locomotive route of the typhoon to...


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