Advances in Civil Engineering, ICCET 2011

Volumes 90-93

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jun Zhai, Chuan Qin, Hai Wen Xiao, Qiang He, Jie Liu

Abstract: Constructed wetlands (CWs) have been applied for wastewater treatment since 1987 in Mainland China. There were about 150 public owned CWs...

Authors: Hua Fang, Xiao Ru Fu, De Fu Xu, Yuan Wang, Ji Lai Lu

Abstract: The ClO2 chemical oxidation system and ClO2 catalytic oxidation system are studied in this paper. The results show...

Authors: Zhi Pan Gu, Xue Bin Yang, Ji Chun Yang, Shao Hua He

Abstract: The effect of masss of natural diatomite, initial dye concentrations, pH and temperature on adsorption was investigated. The adsorption of...

Authors: Xiao Jie Wang, Xin Fan, Yun Zhe Ji

Abstract: Aimed at the emergency condition under natural disaster and water pollution, this article expounds the emergency water supply system and...

Authors: Yong An Li, Ya Nan Gao, Ming Wang, Xue Lai Liu

Abstract: A computational fluid dynamics (CFD) model is proposed to simulate numerically conjugated heat transfer process of fluid washing out solid...

Authors: Jian Jun Hu, Chun Hua Sun, Cheng Ying Qi, Hua Yang, Zhi Ming Zhao

Abstract: In heat source ability sufficient situation, some phenomenon occurred in some central heat supply system, such as uneven heating, serious...

Authors: Zhi Ming Zhao, Chun Hua Sun, Cheng Ying Qi, Guo Qiang Xia, Jian Jun Hu

Abstract: Two combined operation modes of basic heat source and distribution heat source are described, the possible values of basic heat source...

Authors: Andrey Soldatenko, Hong Yuan Jiang, Alexander Danilov

Abstract: The article reviews the basic principles of interaction between the cutting tools with the ground. Their advantages and disadvantages. It is...

Authors: Heng Sun, Hong Mei Zhu, Hong Wei Liu

Abstract: A CCHP system using LNG as the primary energy should integrate cold recovery unit to increase the total energy efficiency. A scheme of CCHP...

Authors: Yue Ren Wang, Jing Zhang, Cong Xue, Nan Wu

Abstract: By using household heat metering system,people can control indoor temperature according to their economic conditions and the requirement of...


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