Advances in Civil Engineering, ICCET 2011

Volumes 90-93

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ming Ming Li, Jian Gong Chen, Yong Xing Zhang

Abstract: Based on the two-dimensional Direct Linear Transformation (DLT) principle of close-range digital photogrammetry and mathematical principle...

Authors: Yong He Deng

Abstract: Based on the choice characteristic of least absolute estimation ,and the principle of the minimum of summation of residual absolute...

Authors: Yong He Deng

Abstract: There are some losed datum or mistake datum when GM(1,1)model deals engineering matter,so equidistance GM(1,1) model is restricted and...

Authors: Ling Liu, Teng Huang, Xi Feng Chen

Abstract: Based on the example of the No.4 Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge, the construction technics of precasting segmental girders by short-line is...

Authors: Jin Yun Guo, Lei Yu, Xin Liu, Qiao Li Kong, Guo Wei Li

Abstract: Trigonometric leveling method is often used to connect the height over sea. Error analysis of trigonometric leveling is made. In order to...

Authors: Lei Song, Xiao Qing Hu

Abstract: The 2.5′×2.5′resolution local quasi-geoid is calculated using the global gravity field model and GPS/leveling data of region which points...

Authors: Yu Sheng Gong, Qian Han, Li Ping Zhang

Abstract: To make full use of geodetic height results measured by GNSS and improve the accuracy that GNSS geodetic height convert to normal height,...

Authors: Chong Hao Wang, Zhi He Shen

Abstract: This type analyzes that the water square can be used in the implementation of rain and sewage diversion in the old city. Water square not...

Authors: Cui Zhen Sun, Jian Guang Liu, Li Zhu, Feng Qi

Abstract: In this paper, new composite coagulants, polymeric ferric aluminum-polydimethyl diallylammonium chloride, were synthesized by combing...

Authors: Lei Yuan, Ji Min Shen, Zhong Lin Chen

Abstract: The kinetics of pumice for decomposition of p-chloronitrobenzene (pCNB) in aqueous solution were investigate. The experiment result...


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