Advances in Civil Engineering, ICCET 2011

Volumes 90-93

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Hong Zhong, Xi Reng Zhou, Ke Li Sun

Abstract: According as three motion modes of motion process of the seated large diameter cylinder breakwater(LDCB) under random waves , the dynamic...

Authors: Xin Li, De An Wu

Abstract: This paper presents the definition of the estuarine turbidity maximum, its formation reasons and the factors of variety. According to this...

Authors: Yuan Yuan Fang, Zhao Lin Han

Abstract: Using the CFX software and the Large Eddy Simulaion (LES) method, this paper numerically simulates the hydrodynamic characteristics of the...

Authors: Gang Jun Zhai, Zhe Ma, Hee Min Teh, Vengatesan Venugopal

Abstract: The increasing importance of the sustainability challenge in o engineering has led to the development of free surface ocean structure of...

Authors: Hong Jun Liu, Hu Wang, Min Sheng Zhang, Xiu Hai Wang

Abstract: Abstract. In this study, process of wave-induced silty seabed response was explored in a rectangle flume. Based on the experimental...

Authors: Zu Quan Jin, Qi Chang Zhuang, Jie Lin

Abstract: Chloride ion ingression into concrete under flexural load is investigated in the paper. Concrete specimens have been stored in 3.5%NaCl...

Authors: Li Na Ma, Song Hong Yan, Rong Ling Zhang

Abstract: The sixth Chongqing metro line is taked for example, numerical simulation is applied for finite analysis and calculation, the safety of the...

Authors: Bao Xing Zhou, Jian Ping Yue, Ke Yong Jia

Abstract: Deformation monitoring is typically undertaken using spare, point-wise geodetic surveying techniques, such as total station or GPS....

Authors: Dong Ling Ma, Jian Cui, Ning Ding

Abstract: INPHO is foreign professional digital photogrammetry software, including aerial triangulation encryption, digital terrain model matching,...

Authors: Zun Yi Xu, Dong Wei, Lei Yan

Abstract: The outlier identification and correction of the geomagnetic parameter measurement is an important influencing factor for the probability...


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