Advances in Civil Engineering, ICCET 2011

Volumes 90-93

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ying Bin Kang, Gui Mei Chen

Abstract: Dazhuangshang Bridge is made a flood impact assessment from the hydrologic analysis, flood analysis, river potential analysis etc.. With the...

Authors: Li Ping Zhao, Chu Bo Xue, Zhou Hong Cao, Qiang Ji

Abstract: Caves have great influences on the upper structure of shiplocks and this paper established a three-dimension numerical model cave foundation...

Authors: Jun Yue, Pan Huang, Jin Feng Cao, Bao Cheng Feng

Abstract: A digital image processing method based on partial differential equation(PDE) for rock’s heterogeneity is introduced. The actual...

Authors: Li Ping Zhao, Ying Jiang, Cheng Wang, Zhou Hong Cao

Abstract: Since 1990s, a large number of in-service structures of water transport engineering in China have been close to their lifespan. Therefore,...

Authors: Jun Zhi Zhang, Yan Dong Zhu, Jing Zhao, Zhao Qi Fu, Ling Jie Wu

Abstract: According to a series scour resistance experiment of basalt fiber and carbon fiber hydraulic concrete, in which different length and...

Authors: Si Miao Sun, Chang Lei Dai, Hou Chu Liao, Di Fang Xiao

Abstract: Conceptual model is considered as one of the crucial and essential methods for scientific research on cold region hydrology. However,...

Authors: Fu Long Chen, Jing Wang

Abstract: Meiliang Lake is located at north of Tai lake, it is one of the most important part of Tai Lake. Water quality of Meiliang Lake is being...

Authors: Lin Ke Li, Ai Jun Zhang, Jin Yu Liu, Chun Jiao Hou, Hao Dong Li

Abstract: A new method that 3D numerical simulation combined with anti-cut stability analysis is employed to analyze the stability of Majiabian...

Authors: Chang Hao Zhang, Wei Wang, Hu Wang, Xun Tao Wang

Abstract: This paper examined the engineering characteristics of the near-fault ground motion. The four-story reinforced concrete frame was designed...

Authors: Wei Ma, Chong Shi, Wei Jing Pan

Abstract: Stability of dam foundation with Karst caves is analyzed in the presented work.Conceptual model is established according to load analysis...


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