Advances in Civil Engineering, ICCET 2011

Volumes 90-93

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Anahita Jouzdani, Abdorreza Kabiri-Samani

Abstract: There are different numerical models performed on hydrodynamic behavior of dam break flood in canals and floodplains based on 1D and 2D...

Authors: Elham Bakhshian, Abdorreza Kabiri-Samani

Abstract: Abrupt changes of the channel bed elevation in hydraulic systems, e.g. in chutes, drops and steeped spillways, results to create a sever...

Authors: Li Xin Jin, Lian Jun Wang, Song Lin Yang

Abstract: The national coordinates system used in Nigeria is the Universal Transverse Mercator projection, while China adopts the Gauss Krugger...

Authors: Jian Min Zhang, Hong Ji Li, Zhan Yao Gao, Ni Li

Abstract: The hydration ZrOH was loaded in the powdered activated carbon(PAC),the aim to modify activated carbon, then the mixed liquor including...

Authors: Xiao Xia Ma, Lei Huang, Jing Song Guo

Abstract: To investigate the domestic sewage treatment processes fitting for small mountain towns in Three Gorges Reservoir Region, a demonstration...

Authors: Yi Feng Huang, Ji Xin Yang

Abstract: The simplified of fluctuating wind field and the basic theory of Spectral Proper Transformation(SPT)were expatiated. SPT was used to...

Authors: Jia Qi Guo, Lian Wei Ren, Xi Liang Liu

Abstract: Under the effect of water pressure in karst cave before tunnel face, water inrush happens when excavation face enters into the minimal value...

Authors: Md Rajuna Bin Ahmad Shakri, Rozana Binti Zakaria, Badrul Hisham Bin Abd Samad

Abstract: Healthy indoor air environment quality is needed for healthy building hospital. Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB) is a microbial infectious...

Authors: Yin Mei Wang, Cheng Li, Fei Teng, Li Cheng Gao

Abstract: For the problem of wetting collapsible loess foundation in loess area, and common methods used in dealing with collapsible loess foundation...

Authors: Wei Wang, Zhao Peng Ni, Dong Zhu Chen, Guang Ming Yin, Peng Ding, Shi Chao Liao

Abstract: In this paper secondary lining of an underwater tunnel which had appeared I-longitudinal crack was taken as study object according to theory...


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