Advances in Civil Engineering, ICCET 2011

Volumes 90-93

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bo Zhang, Shu Cai Li, Xue Ying Yang, Dun Fu Zhang, Ming Tian Li

Abstract: In this paper the distribution of shear stress along the anchoring section of prestressed bolt was presented. The distribution of shear...

Authors: Yun Dong Ma, Bo Li, Bin Fan

Abstract: For the high-speed railway tunnel concrete lining, there have been some such initial damages as initial pores or cracks, therefore the...

Authors: Xiao Jing Li, Kai Yao, Shao Chun Zhu, Xiang Hong Pan

Abstract: The changing rule of excess pore water pressure during dynamic compaction is important for construction. The following conclusions could be...

Authors: Xin Qiang Gao, Yong Quan Zhu, Chao Liang Ye

Abstract: We have done a survey about the surface crack of the loess tunnel of Zheng-xi passenger railway by field survey, geophysical exploration...

Authors: Yu Qing Zhang, Yong Ning Mi, Lu Wang, Xin Wang

Abstract: Slope is the wide range of large in channel works to ensure the safety of critical infrastructure.The actual project—the Bird Island Park in...

Authors: Zhao Bin Su, Zong Xi Cai, Yi Lan Kang

Abstract: A new algorithm is presented for the finite element analysis of fracture mechanics. The algorithm allows crack propagation in any direction,...

Authors: Cheng Bing Wang, He Hua Zhu, Hua Lao Wang

Abstract: The failure conditions of tunnel surrounding rock under different cross section after full face excavation were studied through a number of...

Authors: Liang Yong Wan, Xue Feng Zhang, Kai Yun Liu

Abstract: Artificial neural network has been widely used in displacement back analysis, but it has the problems of large sample, over-fitting, local...

Authors: Xiao Li Dong, Jun Hong Hao, Yan Zhen Wang, Rui Hua Wang

Abstract: This paper will introduce the basic methods of soil-structure dynamic interaction at home and abroad, and analysis the advantages and...

Authors: Wei Zhong, Jian Peng Yang, Bao An Pei, Wei Zhang

Abstract: The characteristics of smoke flow in natural ventilation shaft are studied in this paper, Using the computational fluid dynamics software...


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