Advances in Civil Engineering, ICCET 2011

Volumes 90-93

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xi Liang Liu, Hong Yu Liu, Xian Jun Han

Abstract: Firstly, This paper applied the basic principle of composite material mechanics, saw the rock mass, anchor, mortar as a kind of composite...

Authors: Hua Jiang, Yu Sheng Jiang, Mao Lan Huang, Xin Nie

Abstract: Mechanical properties of sand-pebble layer is very unstable, it is unfavourable for TBM excavation. For the reasons of poor soil...

Authors: Zhan Rui Wu, Tai Yue Qi, Lin Zhong

Abstract: The construction schemes of metro station driven with enlarging shield tunnels based on the shield tunnel in the upper and lower step method...

Authors: Ya Guang Yan, Qing Shan Yang, Jian Zhang

Abstract: On the basis of the three-dimensional,compressible,unsteady-state,viscous N-S Equation and k-ε turbulence model,the simulation calculation...

Authors: Qing Hai Deng, Jia Mo Xu, Feng Shan Ma, Chun He Yang

Abstract: We derived the relation between surrounding rock displacement of shaft prototype and that of model on its body force condition of...

Authors: Meng Li, Wen Hua Chen, Wei Jia

Abstract: Considering the high temperature problem, this paper details the process of the heat conduction, builds the differential equations of the...

Authors: Bei Zhang, Yan Hui Zhong, Cheng Chao Guo, Bo Jin

Abstract: As a nondestructive testing technology, GPR has been become one of the most important tools in quality inspection of tunnel lining at...

Authors: Chun Yi Cui, Zhong Tao Wang, Xiao Fei Li

Abstract: For further discussing time variation characteristics of raft foundation on saturated subsoil due to consolidation, parameterized numerical...

Authors: Chen Cai, Tao Huang, Xun Li, Yun Zhen Li

Abstract: The submarine tunnel water-inflow question has many kinds of factor synthesis influences, has highly the complexity and the misalignment,...

Authors: Lin Jie Chen, Bo Liang

Abstract: Based on soil-structure interaction model, the response analyses of the Menglian tunnel by using viscous-spring artificial boundary and time...


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