Advances in Civil Engineering, ICCET 2011

Volumes 90-93

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bao Fu Duan, Meng Zhang, Lei Li, Hong Chun Li, Hui Wu

Abstract: Submarine mining is unprecedented in China. XinLi Mining area, affiliated to Sanshandao Gold mine, is the first metal mining carrying out...

Authors: Qing Ma, Jun Hai Zhao, Zhao Liu

Abstract: φThe circular tunnel is a common structure in civil engineering. Mohr-Coulomb strength theory has been used to analyses pressure tunnel in...

Authors: Guang Yong Wang, Jia Qi Guo, Lian Wei Ren

Abstract: The anti-explosion effects and anchored mechanism of tunnels reinforced by bolts were studied by numerical analysis. Comparing with...

Authors: Da Li, Xiao Xu Li, Yong Sheng Li, Zhan Fu Luo

Abstract: Based on the existing research results, this paper proposes a temporal-spatial relational expression of displacements of tunnel perimeter...

Authors: Hong Bing You

Abstract: A hybrid simulation method is used to generate two group artificial ground motions that are compatible with the same acceleration response...

Authors: Shuai Wang, Ran Gang Yu, Xu Dong Zhang

Abstract: According to analyze the settlement characteristics of storage tank foundation at water-filling preloading stage and stable loading stage...

Authors: Wei Dong Lei, Xue Feng He, Rui Chen

Abstract: Three cases for 1-D wave propagation in ideal elastic rock, through single rock joint and multiple parallel rock joints are used to verify...

Authors: Guo Yong Cheng, Xue Juan Liu, Rui Qiu

Abstract: By using three kinds of subgrade soil and controlling dry density and moisture content,the correlation between strength parameters of...

Authors: Shu Zhen Feng, Ji Min Wu, Hai Cui

Abstract: Abstract. Based on the three-dimensional wave theory,the coupled torsion vibration of the end bearing pile embedded in viscoelastic soil is...

Authors: Pei Feng Cheng, Qian Qian Zhao

Abstract: Highway maintenance is the main new task after highway construction. In order to predict pavement performance reasonably, and choose the...


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