Advances in Civil Engineering, ICCET 2011

Volumes 90-93

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Guo Jing He, Fei Xie, Lan Xie

Abstract: The increase in axle load and speed, the worse of service environment and the deterioration of existing bridges result in various of damages...

Authors: Bao Long Lin

Abstract: The length of Shijiazhuang Railway six-line tunnel(Beijing-Shijiazhuang Passenger line) is 4980m, cut and cover excavation method is used...

Authors: Chun Bao Xiong, Hai Ying Ai

Abstract: The function of vc++ is powerful, and the application of its serial communication technology is more and more extensive. This paper...

Authors: Run Lin Yang, Tian Yuan Zhang

Abstract: It is often necessary to study on the seismic performance of the buried pipelines subjected to tunnel excavation, because the ground motion...

Authors: Jin Yi, Guo Jing He

Abstract: The yanmiao bridges are used in the 32m prestressed concrete simply-supported box girders on the wuhan-guangzhou passengers dedicated...

Authors: Hong Ye Chen, Jing Fei Zhang, Hui Zhong Ma, Jin Ying Ma

Abstract: In order to study and demonstrate the safety condition of urban track transportation system in mechanics area, and to determine the key...

Authors: Bin Tang, Zhe Zeng, Yan Xia Gong

Abstract: Abstract: Conducted a series of triaixl coupled consolidation and creep tests ,and researched the coupled consolidation and creep character...

Authors: Su Min Zhang, Yong Quan Zhu, Zhi Chun Liu

Abstract: The Wushaoling tunnel passes the active engineering fault 7(simply called F7 below), where the surrounding rock is broken, mainly composed...

Authors: Yu Jie Li, Ping He, Dong Pin Qin

Abstract: Based on the 1# shield tunnel of SU ZHOU rail transit, a 3D discontinuous contact computational model of shield tunnel segment and bending...

Authors: Ri Bin Wang, Xin Ni Lin, Hua Ping Shao, Jun Sheng Yang, Yuan Liang Huang

Abstract: CRD method and three-bench method with temporary invert, which are applied to shallow buried and large cross-section tunnel engineering, are...


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