Advances in Civil Engineering, ICCET 2011

Volumes 90-93

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Sheng Rong Lu, Quan Mei Gong, Yu Jia

Abstract: Based on an engineering example of a certain shield tunnel passing through an intercity high-speed railway station which has been reinforced...

Authors: Li Xin Li, Lei Li, Xin Li

Abstract: The surface settlement and tunnel lining has a great relationship.To better understand the influence of surface deformation caused by tunnel...

Authors: Ke Ping Chen, Jin Yuan Liu, Bing Xiang Yuan

Abstract: Piles have been used in geotechnical engineering to stabilize slope for many years and the methodology has been accompanied by a significant...

Authors: Xian Min Zhang, Yao Zhi Lv, Yi Ming Zhao, Yu Hui Zhang, Zhi Liao

Abstract: Longitudinal wave velocity and shear wave velocity of two kinds of the soil-rock mixture samples with different stone content and water...

Authors: Wen Wang, Hong Shan Liu

Abstract: To combine the characters of metro pits and time-space effect, an approximate prediction method is studied. Sub-step excavation width,...

Authors: Shi Tan Gu, Chun Qiu Wang, Chun Zhao Xu, Feng Hai Yu

Abstract: A number of nodes at different strata positions of tunnel roof were selected as research objects, the law between the roof deformation and...

Authors: Ying Li, Rong Guan Sun

Abstract: Based on the practical engineering ,by using the 3D-FEM of elastic-plasticity, a reasonable model for simulation of tunnel excavation and...

Authors: Hong Sheng Ma, Chang Wei Yang

Abstract: In order to get the seismic active earth pressure with the mode of translation, adopting some related assumptions of the M-O theory, this...

Authors: Yi Liu, Ji Shun Li, Bao Lian Wang

Abstract: Based on the comprehensive analysis on the primary components of ground movement associated with earth pressure balance (EPB) shield...

Authors: Zhi Lin Dun, Da Shuai Ren, Lian Wei Ren

Abstract: With the increasement of mining depth, the strata behavior of the roadway is obvious. As the stress of surrounding rock increases, the...


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