Advances in Civil Engineering, ICCET 2011

Volumes 90-93

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Pei Feng Cheng, Yun Zhe Xu

Abstract: Abstract. The content of clay particles in powder sand is low, with small cohesion. Embankment erosion by water will lead to instability, to...

Authors: Pei Dong Su

Abstract: The geological setting of Sichuan-Tibet Railway is complicated, while magmatic and metamorphic rocks are widely distributed. Reference to...

Authors: Jin Shan Sun, Hong Jun Guo, Wen Bo Lu, Qing Hui Jiang

Abstract: The factors affecting the TBM tunnel behavior in jointed rock mass is investigated. In the numerical models the concrete segment lining of...

Authors: Zhi Rong Zhou, Zhe Ming Zhu, Ding Jun Xiao, Xin Xing Jin

Abstract: In order to extract the mineral resources existing at great depths, the mining industry is facing new serious challenges to safe and...

Authors: Jie Shen, Da Meng, Li Ke Wei

Abstract: Based on the structural characters of roof in fully mechanized top coal caving, mechanical analysis, mechanical calculation and simulation...

Authors: Cheng Liang Zhang, Xin Ping Li

Abstract: The optimum model for blasting parameters of anchoring rock beam is established and its blasting parameters are optimized by making use of a...

Authors: Jin Xu, Guo Yong Cheng, Bin Li, Jing He

Abstract: Pile grouting technology is widely used in engineering to effectively improve the vertical bearing capacity, in this paper; we made a...

Authors: Lin Jie Chen, Bo Liang

Abstract: In high seismic intensity area, strong seismic motion may cause the ruin of highway tunnel, especially the tunnel portal which is the weak...

Authors: Zhan Rui Wu, Tai Yue Qi, Lin Zhong

Abstract: The vibration loads will be produced between wheel and rail on the running of the high-speed Train. The vibration energy will be transferred...

Authors: Shi Guo Xiao, Wen Bo Tu

Abstract: As for stabilizing piles used to reinforce landslides, landslide thrust acts on their upslope sides but slope resistance acts on their...


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