Advances in Civil Engineering, ICCET 2011

Volumes 90-93

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Feng Geng, Qian Zhang

Abstract: Based on the one-dimensional unsteady compressible non-isentropic flow theory, micro-pressure wave radiated out of tunnel exit generated by...

Authors: Nan Xie, Jie Ouyang, Bing Li, Jing Hui Lu

Abstract: Abstract. The compressive strength and elastic modulus of early-age shotcrete have important influence on the safety of tunnel during...

Authors: Fang Ding He, Guang Jun Guo, Zhi Gang Dou, Yang Yang

Abstract: It is difficult to accurately identify dispersion curves of Rayleigh wave for the foundation with obstacles. Displacement curve of...

Authors: Jing Bo Liu, Dong Dong Zhao, Wen Hui Wang

Abstract: To obtain the seismic responses of typical subway stations in Beijing, a nonlinear analysis was conducted using a pushover method for...

Authors: Zhen Ying Zhang, Da Zhi Wu, Qi Mao Cai

Abstract: The silty clay samples from Xiasha zone, Hangzhou city, are put into the reaction tank, which is specially made to investigate the diffusion...

Authors: Lei Fang, Jun Sheng Chen, Hong Cao, Hai Hong Mo, Shuo Zhuo Liu

Abstract: The studies carried out to appropriate slope ratio for underwater trench of immersed tunnel of Hongkong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge. A test trench...

Authors: Fang Tao She, Sheng Jun Shao, Juan Fang, Yang Yang Jiao

Abstract: The current calculation models of ground settlement for tunnel excavation cannot reflect ground settlement of tunnel non-synchronous...

Authors: Li Cong Wu, Ai Xiang Wu, Yan Kai Zhang

Abstract: The small spacing tunnel is a kind of tunnel structural style which situates between ordinary tunnel and double-arch tunnel. It has...

Authors: Feng Hua Li, Zong Xi Cai, Yi Lan Kang

Abstract: In this paper a method for evaluating the slip speed in rolling contact is introduced from the contact mechanics viewpoint. Based on the...

Authors: Ming Li Huang, Yan Jun Zhou, Ya Chao Huo

Abstract: For the cut and cover section of "framework + arch” modular structure of Xiamen Airport Road Project. Based on tunnel design section and...


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