Advances in Civil Engineering, ICCET 2011

Volumes 90-93

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jiang Shu Ding, Yao Qiang Xian, Tian Jun Liu

Abstract: Combined with one foundation pit engineering in Guangzhou, the method was adopted in this paper, by which the in-situ test and finite...

Authors: Bin Wei Xia, Ke Hu, Yi Yu Lu, Dan Li, Zu Yong Zhou

Abstract: Physical models of layered rock mass with different dip angles are built by physical model test in accordance with the bias failure...

Authors: Li Fang Zou, Wei Ya Xu, Chong Shi

Abstract: Xiazanri Slope is a large-scale deposit slope located at the left bank of Liyuan hydropower station in Southwest China. The construction of...

Authors: Li Li Wu, Zhen Yu, Dong Dong Zhang

Abstract: A new type of metal support named H-Shaped members with corrugated webs is put forward for the soft rock tunnels or roadways supports. The...

Authors: Hai Yan Ju, Gui Qing Gao, Jian Hua Li, Jiang Qian Zhao, Zhang Ming Li

Abstract: Because the relationship is not considered between physical behavior and cross sections of bars, the conventional reinforced earth retaining...

Authors: Jin Hai Wang, Yong Wang, Hong Wang

Abstract: The theoretical defects of conventional Janbu method are systematically analyzed in this study. On the basis of these theoretical analyses,...

Authors: Yan Ning Liu, Jun Fu Lu

Abstract: This paper presents the solution on the soft soil layer’s collapse of Xin Kailing Tunnel in China based on the analysis on its causes. The...

Authors: Cheng Liang Wang, Ming Zhou Bai, Xing Kuang

Abstract: Karst Water Bursting in Railway Tunnel is the main content of tunnel risk evaluation,there are lots of empirical factors in the actual work....

Authors: Yuan Yuan Chen, Xue Ping Gao, Chen Zhang

Abstract: During the landscape design of the waterfront district, the designers often lack of full attention to the water environment problems and...

Authors: Xiao Bing Sun, Xue Ping Peng

Abstract: Study on temperature field and thermal stresses of a large volume concrete volute structure is important to prevent the concrete structure...


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