Advances in Civil Engineering, ICCET 2011

Volumes 90-93

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Kai Su, He Gao Wu, Qian Xiang

Abstract: The 3-D numerical model of bifurcation embedded in anchor block concrete of a diversion type power station is built. And FEM is adopted to...

Authors: Cun Dong Xu, Hui Min Hou, Yan Wang, Lu Xin Zhai, Zhong Liang Ma

Abstract: Chloride ions are the main factors of concrete building in irrigated area. Through the analysis of the failure mechanism which chlorine ion...

Authors: Guang Yue Wang, Yan Han

Abstract: Geocell protection of slope was influenced by environment and climates largely. Many of them came to failure when subjected to rainfall...

Authors: Hui Min Hou, Jian Ling Fan

Abstract: This paper studys on how the high degree mineral groundwater erodes the concrete building of great high lifts irrigation project in JingDian...

Authors: Ruan Yun

Abstract: Apart from traditional optimization techniques, modern heuristic optimization techniques, like genetic algorithms (GA), particle swarm...

Authors: Ruan Yun, Cui Song Yu

Abstract: Non-dominated sorting genetic algorithms II (NSGAII) has been widely used for multi- objective optimizations. To overcome its premature...

Authors: Xiao Fang Liu, Dang Wei Wang, He Qing Huang

Abstract: Several optimized designs of trajectory bucket pattern for spillway tunnel outlet are compared in the experiment of Sanliping hydropower...

Authors: Yu He Li, Xin Li Bai, Han Han Sun

Abstract: In the optimal design of large prestressed aqueduct structure, the optimal design results need to be automatically drawn. In this paper, the...

Authors: Bin Tian, Xiao Chun Lu

Abstract: The Lombardi slenderness coefficient is usually used to assess cracking potential of an arch dam. In consideration of the fact that the...

Authors: Shu Kui Zhang, Ziai Lu

Abstract: based on the situation of port security and risk at present, the analytic hierarchy process AHP was adopted in this article, thus an...


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