Advances in Civil Engineering, ICCET 2011

Volumes 90-93

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Cheng Fa Gao, Xue Feng Shen

Abstract: In view of the deficiency of algorithm for VRS (Virtual Reference Station) based on the triangular network, a novel algorithm for VRS which...

Authors: Xiao Feng Kang, Hua Ping Zhang

Abstract: This paper introduces a theory of selecting weight iteration applied to line type identification, image recognition, etc. We deduce the...

Authors: Jian Cui, Dong Ling Ma, Ming Yang Yu, Ying Zhou

Abstract: In order to extract ground information more accurately, it is important to find an image segmentation method to make the segmented features...

Authors: Rui Zhu, Wen Hua Zheng

Abstract: This paper analyzes the reason and condition of the generation of moire effect when taking photos with a digital camera, further studies a...

Authors: Ya Hong Zhao, Jin Xing Wang, Lu Yang Ren

Abstract: In this paper, multinomial curved surface fitting method is used to analyze the feasibility of the GPS leveling height fitting and...

Authors: Hai Jun Xu, Yong Zhi Zhang, Hu Rong Duan

Abstract: In this paper, gravity anomaly in China’s western region is computed using GOCE data and GRACE data respectively. The result shows the...

Authors: De Bao Wang, Xue Ling Fang

Abstract: The south line of Jinan Qingdao highway (which is short of Ji-Qing south line) spans 281km, whose geomorphy is mainly composed by mountain...

Authors: Wei Li, Xu Wang

Abstract: Due to the soft and hard threshold function exist shortcomings. This will reduce the performance in wavelet de-noising. in order to solve...

Authors: Xin Liu, Jin Yun Guo, Qiao Li Kong, Guo Wei Li

Abstract: Based on satellite dynamics, 1 year’s CHAMP geometric precise orbit data are used in this paper to fit the satellite orbits by Cowell II...

Authors: Ning Gao, Xi Min Cui, Cai Yun Gao

Abstract: Accurately estimating the deformation of tunnel surrounding rock is a very important work for surveyors, and we adopted grey model as a...


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