Advances in Structural Engineering

Volumes 94-96

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hui Bing Xie, Yuan Feng Wang, Ming Hui Liu

Abstract: Global climate change, including climate deterioration and extreme weather events, has serious impacts on reliability of bridge...

Authors: Zhen Yu Zhong

Abstract: The cantilever beam model of tall building structure which includes lateral wind load and vertical gravity coupling has been established in...

Authors: Li Cheng Wang, Shu Hong Li

Abstract: Capillary absorption is essential to mass migration in cementitious materials. Based on previous studies, capillary rise involving gravity...

Authors: Xu Dong Cheng, Xing Ji Zhu, Wen Shan Peng

Abstract: Walls of the LNG storage tank are mainly built by the prestressed concrete, but the material of prestressed concrete is complex nonlinear...

Authors: Xiao Jun Guan, Guo Ping Chen, Ying Yang

Abstract: In the recent years, people begin to concern more about the development of new energy source, because of the global economic development and...

Authors: Jian Wei Huang

Abstract: This paper presents calibration of service temperature on the prediction of long-term performance of GFRP bar in reinforced concrete...

Authors: Yu Qian Wang, Shou Shan Cheng, Wan Heng Li, Yi Li

Abstract: This article surveys and studies the design, construction and verification codes related to durability of concrete bridges both home and...

Authors: Hai Yan Zhang, Jian Bo Yu, Xian Hua Chen

Abstract: The detection of localized defects such as cracks and corrosion in pipes using guided waves has been shown to be an effective nondestructive...

Authors: Hai Chao Wang, Xi Quan Xu, Li Jun Zhou

Abstract: The method of construction about the concrete-filled thin-walled square steel box short columns is studied in this paper. Composite steel is...

Authors: You Ping Zhu, Shou Kai Chen

Abstract: Because of lacking a rigid method of setting the initial nodal temperature on the joint face, the accuracy of temperature simulation would...


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