Advances in Structural Engineering

Volumes 94-96

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wang Teng

Abstract: With gap elements modeling the gap contact condition between jacket platforms guided supports and the conductor pipe, the deflections of the...

Authors: Cai Yi Chen, Tao Ji, Yong Bo Chen, Yong Ning Liang

Abstract: The water absorption and desorption process of different prewetting degree ceramsites embedded in ceramsite concrete was obtained by a...

Authors: Xiao Hua Yang, Chao Yang Zhou, Xue Jun He, Teng Chen

Abstract: In order to study the mechanical behaviors of post-tensioned unbonded prestressed concrete hollowed floors, a 1/4 scale post-tensioned...

Authors: Tian Lai Yu, Xian Bin Hou, Lei Lei Tian

Abstract: Through the experiment of the four RC beams strengthened with SWR externally prestressing, the shear resistant effect of Strengthened beams...

Authors: Chun Bao Li, Qing Wang

Abstract: A new kind of prestressed concrete beams with spiral broken line cables subjected to torsions is present based on the fundamental principle...

Authors: Cai Hua Wang

Abstract: Centrifugal compressors are power machineries used widely. Fully understanding of the complex three-dimensional flow field is very important...

Authors: Ke Yin, Sen Yang

Abstract: The bottom interaction stress distribution of circular foundation on rock subgrade is generally nonlinear. Different from in soil, it is...

Authors: You Bao Jiang, Yu Lai Zhao, Wei Jun Yang

Abstract: Based on the analytical method, the failure function is obtained for reinforced concrete (RC) frame columns with large eccentric compression...

Authors: Ying Fang Fan, Da Wei Wang, Shi Yi Zhang

Abstract: In this study, the flexural behavior of the reinforced concrete beams attacked by acid rain environment is investigated. The objective is to...

Authors: Fu Xiang Jiang, Tie Jun Zhao, Ming Lei Hao

Abstract: The total porosity of the high performance concrete under cyclic loading was measured in this present paper. Results show that finite cycles...


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