Advances in Structural Engineering

Volumes 94-96

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wei Wu, Chao Zhang, Rong Jun Chen

Abstract: It has studied the influence of roughness, binder and freeze-thaw cycles on strength, durability and other characteristics of interface...

Authors: Xiao Guang Liu, Xin Xin Zhao, Yu Ling Zhang

Abstract: The static and crawl tests on the steel orthotropic deck of Xihoumen bridge were performed, which is to study the mechanical behavior and...

Authors: Xi Sen Fan, Shu Zhen Ren

Abstract: The aseismatic strengthening technique for masonry structure was researched in this paper. The seismic response of a L-type school building...

Authors: Xiao Yan He, Na Li

Abstract: This article studies the deformability of Fang Ren Glass Cloth in strengthening autoclaved fly ash brick masonry, based on the experiment of...

Authors: Guang Ling Guo

Abstract: According to the experiment of 11 eccentrically compressed reinforced concrete columns and 1 comparative column under the monotonic loading,...

Authors: Jun Xie, Guo Liang Wang, Xiao Hua Zheng, Yi Shu Zhou

Abstract: Construction quality of epoxy-bonded steel plates is not easy to check for absence of inspection standard in situ. In this paper inspection...

Authors: He Fan, Ze Fan

Abstract: Fire-resistance performance experiments with static loading-fire are investigated about two carbon fiber sheet (CFS) shear strengthened...

Authors: Qin Wang, Pei Xia Chen, Xin Zhang, He Qi Tang, Yang Xu

Abstract: Aim at one tall building structure model, which is a nonlinear three-dimensional finite element model. ANSYS FEM software is used to set up...

Authors: Yong Jiu Shi, Yang Gao, Yuan Qing Wang, Xiao Ping He

Abstract: Global stability analysis cannot be ignored for large-span spatial steel structures. Beijing Jiangtai Winter Garden adopts hybrid structure...

Authors: Lei Zhang, Jun Li, Zheng Jun Gu, Ye Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, the non-scallop welding joint as the research object is analyzed by ABAQUS software where the implicit analysis method is...


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