Advances in Structural Engineering

Volumes 94-96

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hai Tang Ding, Ming Wen Hu, Ming Yu Hu

Abstract: A shear wall on frame structure is adopted in the structural design of the Daxian International Building. Nonlinear time and history...

Authors: Xin Feng, Chun Yuan Zuo, Jing Zhou

Abstract: The electromechanical impedance (EMI) technique, which employs piezoelectric ceramic (PZT) patches as transducers, is emerging as an...

Authors: De Qin Yang, Wei Ping Yan

Abstract: Idea of element co-adaptation of construction ergonomics claims the elements of construction ergonomic system mutual fitness. Flexibility of...

Authors: Yong Ning Liang, Tao Ji, Yi Zhou Zhuang, Xu Jian Lin

Abstract: An investigation was carried out on the behavior of concrete under both sulfate attack and mechanical stress. The specimens of concrete...

Authors: Hong Ke Pan, Jiang Chun Hu, Lin De Yang

Abstract: There will emerge cracks or damage due to the action of rock pressure or its own shortcomings and low strength for the lining structure in...

Authors: Shao Wei Zhao, Jian Chao Gu

Abstract: In this experiment, three beams are chosen from a used hollow slab bridge, and one of them is reinforced by planted steel bars in old...

Authors: Yan Hui Zhong, Bei Zhang, Cheng Chao Guo, Jin Qi

Abstract: Using finite element software, the analysis model of semi-rigid base pavement with voids is established. Variation of deflection under load...

Authors: Mei Hua Wang

Abstract: In the case of small increase of cross-section, concrete column strengthened by circular steel tube can increase the bearing capacity...

Authors: Cai Wei Liu, Jin Zhi Wu, Yi Gang Zhang

Abstract: With the continuous development of national economy and the construction technology, a lot of large-span spatial structures with unique form...

Authors: Chun Sheng Zhang, Mei Xiang Zhang, Ya Hong Ding

Abstract: A new reinforcement technology with prestressed helical rib steel wire bonded in sawed grooves in the concrete cover is presented, based on...


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