Advances in Structural Engineering

Volumes 94-96

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chong Li, Yu Ting Niu, Song Hui Li

Abstract: To study the effect of transverse stiffness on the mechanical behavior of reinforced concrete rigid-frame arch bridge, an integral model was...

Authors: Tai Hua Huang, Xian Yan Zhou, Ping Tan

Abstract: After determining the height of rectangular extended foundation that meeting punching shear, if the height is larger, the foundation may be...

Authors: Hui Hu, Wen Ge Qiu

Abstract: This paper collects earthquake damage data and research on tunnel in recent years(Wenchuan earthquake,Ms 8.0;Yushu earthquake, Ms 7.1,...

Authors: Shu Ping Cong, Lai Wang, Jin Sheng Han

Abstract: Load-carrying system of reinforced concrete structure on construction is different from load-carrying system on service life. This temporary...

Authors: Hamed Nabizadeh Rafsanjani, Morteza Chehreghani, Mohsen Nourbakhsh

Abstract: Clay brick generated from construction project sites is usually delivered to landfills for disposal and thus they can damage environment....

Authors: Yan Bo Li, Cui Cui Ren

Abstract: In order to study the seismic performance of the concrete sandwich panel structure,design a 1:2.8 scale model, an experiment was conducted,...

Authors: Jian Qiang Li, Shu Yi Zhang

Abstract: The problem that the large span steel pedestrian bridge has a too large vertical amplitude is very common in every major cities. This...

Authors: Lu Chen

Abstract: Structural health monitoring system for high-rising buildings is a new structural effort that tries to make proper maintaining strategy to...

Authors: Yan Lin, Chang Lin Sun, Wei Jiang, Gang Du, Qing Wei Lin, Yun Chi

Abstract: Bicycle Stadium in Jinan Olympic Sports Center adopts spatial truss structure with steel tube. The design and analysis of the roof structure...

Authors: Man Yi Qi, Zhi Qiang Zhang, Fei Ma, Ai Qun Li

Abstract: Aimed at the human comfort problem with cantilevered floors arising from normal human activities, the Tuned Mass Dampers are used to control...


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