Advances in Structural Engineering

Volumes 94-96

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yong Jiu Shi, Lei Wang, Yuan Qing Wang, Jian Suo Ma, Run Shan Bai

Abstract: The combined connection with welds and bolds can be widely used in reinforcing the joint in steel structure. In this paper, proposed design...

Authors: Min Yan Di, Yong Yao, Tao Xin

Abstract: It is described in detail how to develop the intelligent instrument system through connecting bus-bridge of PROFIBUS with single-chip...

Authors: Er Jun Wu, You Hao Ni

Abstract: During constructing of lifting-up engineering of Humanity Hall of Nanjing Museum, the sizes of steel lifting supports, loads distribution...

Authors: Ming Yuan Liu, Yu Cheng Zhao, Zhi Quan Xiang

Abstract: Based on the theory of linear elastic fracture mechanics, formulae for the circumferential stress and the initial fracture point around...

Authors: De Zhi Liang, Jun Wang, Li Sun, Jun Cui

Abstract: The paper focuses on the value of the foundation’s rotation of the light steel portal-rigid frames which is caused by the upper uneven loads...

Authors: Young Jun You, Ki Tae Park, Kyu Wan Lee, Woo Sang Lee

Abstract: Structural health monitoring (SHM) has been applied to huge and important civil structures. Its role is for obtaining readings of sensors,...

Authors: De Fa Sun

Abstract: Batten plates can play a significant role in reducing the bearing capacity of the entire component and preventing the upward warpage...

Authors: Xue Jun Zhou, Ting Zhang

Abstract: In this article, by studying the horizontal and vertical shear performance, the calculation formula for the fully shear connection is...

Authors: Hai Chao Wang, Xi Quan Xu, Li Jun Zhou, Hong Ying Zhang, Feng Lian Yang

Abstract: Based on the compression characteristics of the concrete-filled thin-walled square steel tube short columns, the U-shaped tie bars are...

Authors: Xian Rong, Peng Cheng Liu, Xue Li

Abstract: The factors on mechanical anchoring performance of HRB500 steel bars, such as concrete strength, concrete cover thickness, diameter of steel...


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