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Authors: Yan Yin, Tang Li
Chapter 1: Structural Engineering
Abstract:In this paper, the fire resistance performance of the unprotected two-layer and two-cross planar frame, which is composed of concrete filled...
Authors: Zhen Zhong Gao, Yuan Zhu, Xiao Jing Wang, Yan Lin, Xiao Bo Wang, Jin Sun
Chapter 1: Structural Engineering
Abstract:Toona ciliata, fast-growing timber species, located in the tropical and subtropical region. In order to explore how to make better use of...
Authors: Bing Guo, Jin Tao Wang, Tian Liang, Zhen Bao
Chapter 1: Structural Engineering
Abstract:Open circular holes with a certain size in beam web at 1/6 span is a new method to improve the seismic behavior of steel moment frames. Based...
Authors: Deh Shiu Hsu, Yung Feng Lee, Ping Cheng Huang, Yu Ching Wu
Chapter 1: Structural Engineering
Abstract:For the sake of safety of structures subjected to abnormal loadings, damper could be one of the effective devices to reduce the responses by...
Authors: Ke Bin Shi, Shan De Zhang
Chapter 1: Structural Engineering
Abstract:Early shrinkage cracking of high performance concrete is a current hotspot of research at home and abroad.In order to make full use of local...
Authors: Sheng Zhang, Zheng Bei, Yi Fei Zhang
Chapter 1: Structural Engineering
Abstract:With the depth of coal mine increasing, it appeared a phenomenon of rapid floor heave in some roadways in a short time, which threaten...
Authors: Zai Gen Mu, Jin Jin Yao, Xiang Yong Zhang
Chapter 1: Structural Engineering
Abstract:The long-span steel structure is usually used for the stadium, exhibition hall, airports, railway stations and other buildings, and these...
Authors: Hong Wei Tang, Shi Bin Li
Chapter 1: Structural Engineering
Abstract:Reinforced concrete (RC) structures taking full advantages of concrete and reinforcing steel bars are widely applied in civil engineering....
Authors: Li Yan Gao, Yu Kun Feng, Wen Feng Liu
Chapter 1: Structural Engineering
Abstract:Response spectrum curve is the base of seismic design of structures, and mode-superposition response spectrum method is a practical design...
Authors: Yu Yong Fu, Shu Wang Yan, Chuang Du
Chapter 2: Monitoring and Control of Structures
Abstract:A nonlinear finite element model is developed to study the behavior of square concrete-filled steel tubular(CFST) column and reinforced...
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