Advances in Structural Engineering

Volumes 94-96

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jian Jun Yuan, Chuan Liang

Abstract: JINPIN Hydropower Station is a high arc dam of world class, and it is a difficult problem to set up scaffold in the treatment of high...

Authors: Xu Feng Sun, Shi Rong Li

Abstract: Because of large flexibility and strong geometric nonlinearrity, the time domain method should be applied in the analysis of wind-induced...

Authors: Yan Wei Li, Zhi Yong Li

Abstract: Abstract:Rushing trough is often used as drainage in steep slope section, velocity of flow can be reduced and water-damage of road can also...

Authors: Kun Ru Ma, Yi Jun Wang, Cui Xia Wei

Abstract: Based on urban heating situation in north, economic evaluation for different heating modes was analyzed in the presented work. Firstly...

Authors: Lu Yuan Sun, Zhi Jun Han, Xiao Hong Bai

Abstract: With the Drucker-Prager yield criterion, the ANSYS software is used to analyze the long-short-pile composite foundation by using...

Authors: Xiong Wei Hu, Xin Feng, Jing Zhou

Abstract: A methodology of damage identification for the circumferentially cracked pipe is presented by using the quantitative relationship between...

Authors: Yuli Cui, Hong Zhu He, Meilun Shi

Abstract: A method of removal of chloride in reinforced concrete was proposed by anodic oxidation of silver in the pore solution with chloride content...

Authors: Ji Ming Yu, Feng Wu, Xiao Yong Yan

Abstract: Abstract. this paper proposes an energy saving algorithm based on wireless network in the intelligent street lamp system, which can...

Authors: Zhan Ping Song, Song Bo Ren, Zhen Chao Guo

Abstract: Aiming at the complexity and uncertainty of rock and soil body, the paper proposed a tunnel surrounding rock parameters identification...

Authors: Zhao Qiang Zhang, Yong Yao

Abstract: Based on the constitutive models of steel and core concrete,the failure modes and the load-displacement curves of the solid multibarrel...


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