Advances in Structural Engineering

Volumes 94-96

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shi Qi Cui, Jian Dong Sun, Jun Li Lv, Chun Yang

Abstract: On basis of the data from tests, FE nonlinear analysis mode on the multi-planar CHS KK-joints with in-plane gap and out-of-plane overlap...

Authors: Qian Zhang, Zhi Hua Chen, Xiao Dun Wang

Abstract: After billions of years of evolution, the form, structure, function, behavior and other aspects of living things in the nature have been...

Authors: Wen Bin Sun, Wei Zhong He, Yang Jiang

Abstract: For the analysis and design of RC structures, there is a fundamental assumption that the strain in an embedded reinforcing bar is the same...

Authors: Jian Jun Yuan, Chuan Liang

Abstract: Taking the example of the high slope treatment of JINPIN Hydropower Station of YA LONG River, in this paper the basic...

Authors: Fei Wang, Zhi Fang, Xin Feng Yin

Abstract: Designing the reasonable cross-section and the structural conformation, three Reactive power concrete box piers samples were designed and...

Authors: Jie Jiang Zhu, Cai Xia Wang, Yang Lee

Abstract: Staircase units have both active and hazard impacts on whole structure under earthquake. The existence of these impacts should not be...

Authors: Ke Sheng Ding, Chang Ling Xu, Xu Li

Abstract: It is very difficult to control diaphragm wall deformation in 30mm, the project which depth 25m, long side 530m, and the sounding...

Authors: Bao Rong Huo, Xiang Dong Zhang

Abstract: Abstract:Twenty-one RC columns were made, including nine RC columns wrapped with BFRP, nine RC columns wrapped with CFRP, three RC columns...

Authors: Shou Yu Cheng, Dong Jin Yan, Yan Zhao Li, Jin Ming Zhai, Qing Hua Cai, Can Cui, Guo Xing Xu

Abstract: By the method of plane charge on the tested beams, this paper studied 6 pieces of beams, dynamic performance by 4 time loadings, displayed...

Authors: Bo Lv, Qi Tie Xie, Jie Xu, Tian Yuan Jiang, Yu Shun Li

Abstract: Bamboo-steel composite structure contains all kinds of composite structural members, widen the applied range of bamboo and implement the...


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