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Authors: Yu Lin Lu, Tao Lu, Li Wang, Zhen Yu Wang, Pei Pei Zhao
Chapter 1: Structural Engineering
Abstract:A finite element method was developed to reveal the thermal characteristics of concrete with a cooling pipe, and the influence of cooling...
Authors: Lie De Wang, Wei Bin Yuan, Cheng Min Ye
Chapter 1: Structural Engineering
Abstract:With the increase of the height, the lateral stiffness of high-rise buildings decreased. The high and flexible structures would have large...
Authors: Ru Heng Wang, Hua Chuan Yao, Bin Jia, Lin Wang
Chapter 1: Structural Engineering
Abstract:Concrete is a typical kind of rate sensitive material. In this paper, the concrete specimens were tested in the SHPB experiment system. Based...
Authors: Chang Zhou Dong, Chen Qu
Chapter 1: Structural Engineering
Abstract:The structure of eccentric degenerated 3-D shell element of thin-wall steel tube concrete composite structure and the connection with 3-D...
Authors: Yan Huang, Ming Hui Kan, Zi Fa Wang
Chapter 1: Structural Engineering
Abstract:Abstract: Confined masonry with tie columns and ring-beams was adopted during the reconstruction in the rural and suburban areas in Sichuan...
Authors: Wei Jun Yang, Yao Li, Fu Zhong Chen
Chapter 1: Structural Engineering
Abstract:Many heterotypic steel frames with special-shaped are used in the concert of Changsha. It causes difficulties to the construction technology....
Authors: Shun Guo Li, Hui Li
Chapter 1: Structural Engineering
Abstract:Nonlinear buckling analysis method using the finite element with application to Long-Span Steel Truss was studied is this paper. The finite...
Authors: Zhao Hui Lu, Yan Gang Zhao, Zhi Wu Yu
Chapter 1: Structural Engineering
Abstract:This paper presents an investigation of ultimate strength of square CFT stub columns with compact sections. The beneficial composite action...
Authors: Yan Jiang Chen, Yong Li, Wei Ming Yan, Da Xing Zhou
Chapter 1: Structural Engineering
Abstract:Based on a prototype of a Concrete Filled Steel Tubular(CFST) column (D=1.2m, t=24mm) used in a practical engineering, specimens...
Authors: Ming Lan Han, Yan Wang
Chapter 1: Structural Engineering
Abstract:Flexural-torsional buckling of the beam in steel frame with reduced beam section (RBS) connections is analyzed. Base on the analysis of...
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