Advances in Structural Engineering

Volumes 94-96

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Fei Li, Ying Hua Zhao, De Hai Yu

Abstract: The purpose of the paper is to present analytical solution of curved beam with clamped-pinned ends under thermo load based on the principle...

Authors: Jun He, Bin Han, Yu Qing Liu, Ai Rong Chen

Abstract: Horizontally curved box girder bridges inherently exhibit complex torsional and distortional behavior as well as bending due to the initial...

Authors: Zu Lie Wu, De Wei Ding, Sheng Jing

Abstract: Based on the general description of the coupling deformation of composite sandwich thin-walled bar and the structural characteristics of...

Authors: Wen Long Shi, Xuan Liu

Abstract: The H-beam with corrugated webs is a new type of H-beam, whose webs are produced by substituting corrugated webs for flat webs. In this...

Authors: Yong Li, Jia Chu Xu

Abstract: This paper deals with non-linear free vibration of double-deck reticulated shallow spherical shell by applying the non-linear theory of...

Authors: Li Feng Wang

Abstract: Unconfined compressive strength of various mixing proportions and ages of nanometer silicon and cement-stabilized soils(NCSS) are tested...

Authors: Yan Lin, Wei Jiang, Chang Lin Sun, Xue Jun Zhou

Abstract: Nonlinear finite element analysis of the cast steel spherical joint is performed by using ANSYS program. The deformation process, the...

Authors: Lai Wang, Ying Zhang

Abstract: Abstract. The dynamic response of wind turbine tower under earthquake is analyzed by aid of the ANSYS program in this paper. To investigate...

Authors: Xiao Dong Zhang, Yong Qiang Zhang

Abstract: A method for determining the springing displacements and arch axis of old arch bridges without technical data is presented. By minimizing...

Authors: Run Bo Bai, Hai Hong Xu, Xin Xin Zhang

Abstract: Structural damage detection by the Holder exponent receives much attention recently. Many investigations have been successfully applied to...


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